About us

In the BENELUX and the rest of Europe, a number of plastic surgeons are specialized in the treatment with EarWell. They have all followed the training at Michelle Feijen of MOOI Kliniek in The Netherlands. Below you will find an overview of the plastic surgeons who can perform the treatment with EarWell.


Steve Byrd

Plastic surgeon and creator of EarWell.

I am Steve Byrd, plastic surgeon at the Dallas plastic surgery institute, Texas, USA. My work within paediatric plastic surgery brought me into contact with children with ear deformities. This resulted in the development of the EarWell system. We now have many years of experience using the EarWell system and we have extensively studied the results. We work closely with Michelle Feijen of EarWell in the Netherlands to achieve the best results for Dutch babies too. For more information: www.earwellcenters.com.

Michelle Feijen

Plastic surgeon and EarWell specialist (region Limburg NL)

I am Michelle Feijen and I have been a plastic surgeon at the Zuyderland Medical Centre and the MOOI Kliniek Maastricht since 2016. I have researched non-surgical correction of positional skull deformities in children.
After my studies, I completed a fellowship in Dallas with Dr. Byrd, the creator of EarWell. Together, we treated several children and I saw the great results that can be achieved with EarWell. As a result, I decided to start offering this preventive treatment in the Netherlands too.