Does your baby have an ear deformity? We can start treatment up to 6 weeks after birth. E-mail us today to make an appointment!

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    Frequently asked questions

    How long should EarWell be worn?2023-10-12T10:16:33+00:00

    The duration of treatment differs for each baby. Treatment usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks, but can sometimes be shorter or longer. The plastic surgeon will decide.

    Does the treatment hurt?2023-10-12T10:18:29+00:00

    The treatment does not involve surgery, incisions or pain. The only time your child may feel uncomfortable is when the EarWell system is removed, because the adhesive bandage has to be removed from the skin. Most babies do not experience any pain or discomfort when the system is fitted.

    My baby is older than 3 weeks, can I still start a treatment?2023-10-12T10:21:04+00:00

    It is important that treatment is started soon after birth. The results are significantly better when treatment starts within 2 weeks after birth. If treatment is started more than 3 weeks after birth, the results are less favourable. This is because of the malleability of cartilage, which is very high at a very young age due to the level of oestrogen from the mother that is still present in a newborn baby, and which rapidly decreases after 6 weeks. Therefore, if your child is older than 6 weeks, treatment cannot be started.

    Can my baby sleep with Earwell?2023-10-12T10:19:50+00:00

    Yes, most children are not bothered by the ear moulds. Sleeping should not be a problem. If you feel your child is uncomfortable with the ear moulds on… Please contact us.

    For whom is EarWell suitable?2023-10-12T10:22:19+00:00

    EarWell is a product and treatment for newborn babies with an ear deformity or protruding ears.It is  important that treatment is started soon after birth.  The results are significantly better when treatment starts within 2 weeks after birth

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    Which ear abnormalities can be treated?2023-10-12T10:23:23+00:00

    View all ear deformities that can be treated with EarWell here.

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