Baby with two different ears

When a baby is born, we count the fingers and toes and do a hearing check. Midwives or maternity care professionals rarely or never look at the shape and position of the ears.
Often, it is the parents or even grandparents who notice an abnormal shape. “One ear looks different”, parents say to the maternity care professional. And often they are told: “it will sort itself out”
Parents are not always reassured and start searching the Internet. This eventually brings them to EarWell and they discover that the ear deformity will not sort itself out without treatment and may even get worse in some cases.

Asymmetrical ears

lop oorLop ear together with Stahl’s ear

Many ear deformities only occur on one side. It may happen that one ear looks different from the other. This is often caused by pressure in the womb. If the ear has been folded against the wall of the womb, it might not develop fully. This may cause a lop ear to occur. Conchal crus is another deformity that often appears on one side only. It means your baby has asymmetrical ears.
If these abnormalities do not subside in the first week, they will usually become more pronounced as the months go by. Therefore, it is important that parents, as well as midwives and maternity care professionals, are aware of the different ear deformities that may occur.

Treatment from 4 to 6 weeks

The ears can usually be treated with EarWell, easily and without any pain. After 4 to 6 weeks, the ear is back to a normal shape and your baby has two symmetrical ears again.

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